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Burbank Volkswagen Repair and Service | Olive Auto CenterThere are many VW owners answering the call of 'drivers wanted' from the manufacturer. VW models often offer more powerful engines and advanced features than other brands in the models'; respective classes, providing great performance and a large measure of customer satisfaction.

The iconic Beetle offers surprising muscle in its Turbo models, its 4-cylinder engine providing 200 hp - more than others in its class. Also noteworthy is the Tiptronic transmission in many models made by Volkswagen, an amalgam that allows you to drive it like an automatic, or choose to shift gears like a manual transmission. The Intelligent Crash Response System in several models responds to a collision by unlocking the doors, turning on the hazard flashers, and, most importantly, turning off power to the fuel pump. Other convenient features include a 'memory mode' that locks the front seats into place when passengers are emerging from the rear and a new and improved mechanism for convertible models that retracts the roof in under 10 seconds.

With all of these variegated features adding to the car's complexity, your VW needs repair care from an expert. Knowledge of each of these individual systems is essential to ensure it gets fixed properly, without any loss of performance or reliability.

The ASE-certified technicians at Olive Auto Center, located in Burbank, have the savvy to sprechen sie Deutsch - at least when it comes to your VW. The used of VW-certified parts and processes, and the quality of repair provided by experienced mechanics, will ensure that your Volkswagen sees the best possible service.

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