Holiday Road-Trips: How to Stay Safe

Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash


At last, the holiday season is upon us! It's a great time to get together with family and friends after so much pandemic and being apart. 


There's lots of cheer to be had in Burbank this year for Christmas. Don't forget, Christmas Fest is this weekend (December 4th and 5th)! There are also multiple-stage renditions of the classic Christmas tale "A Christmas Carol" to be had this month (Ahmanson Theater and First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, just to name two).


If your plans have you driving out of town either alone or with family, and it's been a while since you've taken a long trip on the highway, here's some advice for staying safe!


Drive at your peak hours. If you're a morning person, drive in the morning; if you're a night owl, drive at night. It's a fragile place, being in a car and driving your family out of town for a holiday vacation, out of your element and away from your trusted mechanics.


Don't let a breakdown worry you. If something happens, find a local mechanic. The time schedule you are on is less important than your family's safe arrival. And remember: all of Olive Auto Center's repair work is covered by a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty, so even if you're out on the road, as long as you have your paperwork for a problem that's recurred, you can get service covered. Just have the local auto shop call the "866 number" on the back of your invoice to get assistance!


Never let holiday stress get the best of you. Before you even begin the drive, push all of the stress of what you couldn't accomplish and what tensions you have out of your body and prepare to enjoy the ride. Bring your favorite tunes, pack your favorite snacks, and let the Holidays do their thing.


Don't compete. You are not in a race. And if someone cuts you off, that's not someone winning; that's someone showing their angst and issues through bad driving. Let it go and be kind to other drivers; wherever you can.


Make sure to have an emergency kit on hand. You should have a first-aid kit, a solar/crank flashlight (a highly recommended model is the GoalZero Torch 500), some emergency snacks, and jumper cables. Beyond that, a blanket and/or a towel make good additions to your emergency kit.


Get your car checked out before you go. A visit to Olive Auto Center before you head out on the highway can spare some bad feelings later!


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