How Do Hybrids Help Climate Change?

Image by ELG21 from Pixabay

As most of us have heard, climate change is becoming one of the defining issues of our day. The vehicles we drive and the amount we drive them directly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions warming the climate. An answer to some of the problems we face lies in hybrid vehicles! While many of us aren’t ready to go fully electric, hybrid vehicle technology has come a long way!

What is the difference between a hybrid vehicle and a conventional vehicle?

Great question-- here are some differences and how those differences contribute to climate change!

Internal Combustion Engines: Conventional vehicles run by taking air in through the engine air filter and mixing that air with gasoline to propel our vehicle; this is what we call an internal combustion engine. That combustion process, and our use of fossil fuels to produce it, results in high levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Which we now know to be a leading contributor to the climate change issue we face. 

Hybrid Vehicles: Hybrids provide a unique solution to the issue of fossil fuel overuse in that they contain an electric motor and an internal combustion engine! One of the main concerns with fully electric vehicles is battery life and drive distance. Hybrid vehicles don’t face this problem; their dual components work in concert to significantly enhance the fuel efficiency of your hybrid vehicle! In short, the hybrid vehicle design makes it so that you burn less fuel and get more mileage per tank of gasoline! 

What does this mean for climate change? 

It means that a hybrid vehicle produces less greenhouse gas emissions than a conventional vehicle with an internal combustion engine. Therefore, hybrid vehicles contribute less to the gradual warming of our planet. On top of all that, they save you money on fuel in the long run!

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