How To Keep Your A/C Cool As Summer Temps Rise

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The air conditioner is one of the essential components of your vehicle when summertime temperatures are high. Unfortunately, unless you take care of it properly, you’ll have some costly expenses to cover, and you’ll be sweating profusely in your beloved car. 


Fear not, A/C maintenance is not rocket science, and with just a couple of methods and tools under your belt, you’ll ensure your car and your car’s A/C’s longevity!


Change Your Cabin Air Filter

The air filter in your car’s air conditioning system needs to be replaced often. If you continue driving around with a dirty A/C air filter, you are likely to experience various troubles, including mold growth, thermostat glitches, A/C compressor issues, and poor air quality. 


Make sure to get in the habit of regularly replacing your cabin air filter. It’s far easier than you think! The tricky thing is to know when to replace it. Here’s a great video explaining how and why you should change the air filter. (You may be shocked at the number of leaves in that thing!)



Check your air filter every month. If you drive more frequently than the average person, you should replace most air filters every three months. However, replacement frequency depends on factors like the intensity of the usage, if any wildfires were in your area causing ash, or if you are parked under a lot of pollinating plants. 


Run The Air Conditioner Once A Week For 5 - 10 Mins

This helps maintain the gas pressure, which in turn stops your compressor from breaking apart. If you want to try this, make sure that you max out the A/C settings. 


Regularly Check-in Your A/C System

It would be best if you let a mechanic survey your air conditioning system once a year. It’s a good rule of thumb and can prevent some hefty repairs. 


That’s all you need to help your A/C survive through the summer! But, of course, you don’t have to do this work yourself. The Olive Auto Center repair team is happy to assist you with complete car care service. When you choose our auto repair shop, you will receive top-notch service, expert care, and a warranty that backs all work.


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