The History of Domestic Cars in America

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A significant part of American culture centers around the automobile. Think about it. There are songs about cars, people who give nicknames to their cars, art cars, clown cars, car shows, and movies about cars. Cars are so part of the American fabric that even Elon Musk launched a Tesla into outer space! Not liking cars almost feels un-American.

But how did the automobile become such a critical thread in the fabric of American lifestyles? Though the history of domestic cars in America is a broad topic, a few fascinating videos shine some light on the major American car brands and how they evolved. 


Some of these videos are rather long, so we invite you to grab a beverage, pop some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show!

The History of American Vehicles


A History of the Car Business


How Were Cars Invented? A History of the Automobile


Why Ford and Other American Cars Don’t Sell In Japan


We hope you enjoyed this educational walk down memory lane about the history of domestic cars in the United States. At Olive Auto Center, not only do we specialize in domestic, Asian, and European vehicles, but we also pride ourselves in the work we do on Hybrids! 

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