The “What, Why, and How” of Preventive Maintenance

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Some drivers can’t let themselves be concerned with Preventative Maintenance. It sounds expensive, like paying before you need to pay. These drivers are very used to living in a “pay as you go” way.


But the truth is that Preventative Maintenance IS pay as you go-- it’s just that people are not willing to accept that idea. And rather than know where things are going, they put their heads in the sand and wait until something breaks to take action. That’s usually LATE in the process and means that preventable damage has occurred. 


If you are in this camp and don’t listen to a mechanic when they tell you to employ preventative maintenance, we would like to change your mind with simple and true logic. Here’s the What, Why, and How of Preventative Maintenance:


What Preventative Maintenance is can best be thought of in terms of your relationship with your doctor. If you only seek out your doctor once a problem becomes life-debilitating, there’s a good chance you’re going to die young. And you, unlike your car, can heal yourself over time. Preventative Maintenance is regular check-ups for your vehicle, so you can see where things are and where they may lead.

Why you should want Preventative Maintenance is that it helps you keep your car longer and saves you money. The better coverage you have for your vehicle, the less likely you’ll be surprised by a problem. And a problem in a garage bay can turn out to be an accident on the streets. If you ignore a warning about your tires needing rotation, you may lose one on the freeway, which can potentially cost you a lot of money-- not just the tire but the damage your blow-out might do to other cars on the highway at the time. Also, getting repairs done when you experience some kind of breakdown means that the chance that there are systemic problems that have damaged your engine is higher. Having a mechanic do a $100 or $200 job today can save you from a $1000 bill later or being told the car’s value isn’t worth the repairs due to neglect.

How you begin Preventative Maintenance is by getting a complete check-up and then listening to your mechanic’s report. Ask them to explain what you don’t understand or take notes to research it later. (YouTube has a treasure-trove of outstanding research for understanding car repair issues.) Ask about when they estimate things might need replacing so that the mechanic can give you a fair idea of when to expect the next expense to come. 


And now, the Where: at Olive Auto Center, we’re always hoping to steer customers away from crisis management and to crisis avoidance. We want to be your preventative maintenance provider. 


When? Talk to our mechanics today! Not only do we specialize in domestic, Asian, and European vehicles, but we also pride ourselves in the work we do on Hybrids! We train and equip our ASE-certified auto mechanics to deal with all major domestic vehicle brands at our Burbank auto repair shop. Please schedule your appointment today or visit us at 264 W. Olive Ave, Burbank, CA 91502!


Before we go, we had a very successful Brakes for Breasts campaign in October and thought it would be fun to share some photos. The Burbank Police Department joined forces with Olive Auto Center in the battle against breast cancer as we both served the Brakes for Breasts fundraiser.


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