When Should You Replace Your Car’s Cabin Air Filters?

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Every Spring, many car owners ask when they should replace their car’s cabin air filters. The answer may surprise you.

Drivers usually ask us during this time of year because springtime allergies are making them sneeze and cough. A cabin air filter that is clogged with pollen and debris doesn’t help the situation. To add, drivers across California may need to replace their car’s cabin air filters during or after fire season. Why? Because the particulates of ash and debris from wildfires will also clog your cabin air filter and spread them throughout your vehicle’s interior.

But how do you know when you should replace your vehicle’s cabin air filters? When you bring your vehicle into Olive Auto Center in Burbank, we will perform a visual inspection and check the cleanliness of your vehicle’s cabin air filters. If your vehicle is due for maintenance service, we will also inspect the other filters within your vehicles, such as the engine’s air filter and the fuel filter. When your car’s filters are clean and the air quality going into the system is high-quality, you and your car will have an easier time breathing and performing optimally.

What happens when you don’t replace the cabin air filter in your car? Many car owners like to ignore the dirt and grime of their cabin air filter or just shake it out to remove the debris. But when your car’s cabin air filter is not clean, it will affect your air conditioning system and the air will not blow as cold. Here is a video that runs an experiment with surprising results.

If your vehicle is due for service and you suspect your cabin’s air filter needs to be replaced, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Olive Auto Center in Burbank. When it comes to general auto repair and preventive maintenance service, we pretty much do it all. If our auto mechanics cannot resolve your vehicle’s issues, we have been known to fly a tech in from Germany to figure it out! Most auto repair issues get diagnosed within a couple of hours, and our team’s superpowers center around diagnostics and problem-solving. Plus, we back our work with a nationwide 3-year/36,000-mile warranty.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for cabin air filter replacement, oil change service, factory-scheduled maintenance, or general repairs. Olive Auto Center is dedicated to providing car owners in and around Burbank with first-rate auto repair and customer service. Please call us or visit us at 264 W. Olive Ave., Burbank, CA  91502. You can trust that our team of highly qualified auto mechanics will offer you services that are second to none. We look forward to giving your automobile top-notch services so you and your passengers can feel comfortable traveling down the road.


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